Flame Anew is a rag tag fleet of musicians from Redmond, WA who share a bond of having belonged to
Creekside Covenant Church.

Kris has been a songwriter since the 1980s, and has written for hit video games, but got moved to write worship music in

2007. He worships and "occasionally" leads at Creekside.

Beth is an amazing vocalist, and originated/co-wrote the song Time.  She's also on the Creekside worship team, and
is the longest standing member!
Keith is a pastor, coach, and has his own web site at:
He occasionally worships, preaches, or just hangs out at Creekside.

Scott has been a worship pastor at several churches locally and is the master of both acoustic and electric guitar. 

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Most words, music and instruments:Kris Hatlelid
Vocals: Beth Soderlund, Keith Ferrin,  and Kris Hatlelid
Additional Guitar: Scott Smith
Additional Wordsmithing: Beth Soderlund

(C)2009 Kris Hatlelid All Rights Reserved