08/22/2013 - Wow. Long time no updates. It's been an interesting time for me, and for all of us I suspect. I made all our music "by donation" here, so you can get it free, or not free whatever you like. I've written a lot more music, but I haven't been able to sit down and record for a long time due to other commitments. However, perhaps a few people will donate and encourage me to record more. ;-)

Beth has been leading worship at Creekside, I'm still playing keys mostly but once in a while leading, and again, always writing.

04/20/2009 - Our MP3s are now available on Flame Anew - Flame Anew for $.99 each, DRM Free!

04/14/2009 - Our MP3s are now available on Amazon.com for $.99 each, DRM free!  We're also thinking about a second video...  Let us know what your favorite song is.

03/22/2009 - First, we've been adding things to the site, so make sure you check out the new stuff in MUSIC, especially the background about the songs.  We also put the full MP3s, lyrics and chord charts into the Extras section for people who purchased the CD (use your CD barcode for username and password).

03/18/2009 - CD Release!  After a lot of prayer, practice, recording and mixing comes our self titled release "Flame Anew".  Check it out here!


Kris, Beth, Keith, and Scott

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Most words, music and instruments:Kris Hatlelid
Vocals: Beth Soderlund, Keith Ferrin,  and Kris Hatlelid
Additional Guitar: Scott Smith
Additional Wordsmithing: Beth Soderlund

(C)2009 Kris Hatlelid All Rights Reserved